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Vets on Call is a unique, easy-to-use mobile app that delivers
high-quality veterinary care right to your door.

The best part is you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your couch.
Vets on Call’s team of veterinarians have everything they need to look after your pet regardless of the day or time.

From check-ups to home euthanasia, we cater to all your pet’s needs

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Your pet receives high quality vet care in the comfort of your home


With standardised pricing, you know exactly how much you'll pay.

No more waiting rooms, no more surprising vet bills, no more middle-of-the-day appointments.

Vets On Call is pet care when you want it, how you want it.


More than just vaccinations… We cater to all your pet’s needs


Ear / Eye / Skin

Sick Pet


At-Home Euthanasia

Partner Clinic

General Consultations

Whether you think you’ve identified a specific issue, would like a general check-up or something doesn’t feel right, our vets will perform a general health check and find out what is troubling your precious pet. Please note, if there is a need for further treatment, you will be charged for the cost

Ear/Eye/Skin Consultation

If there’s something specifically wrong with your pet’s ears, eyes or skin, our vets have just the thing to fix the problem and treat your precious pet effectively. This option comes with a standard course of the most commonly used medication.

Sick Pet Consultation

Oh No! Your pet is actually sick! This is definitely the right service to choose if you know your pet is suffering from something severe. Our vets will have just the right thing to make your precious pet feel much better. Again, this option provides a standard course of medication for your pet.


Want to get your pet’s vaccinations done at home? Whether they are first-time shots for brand new kittens and puppies or annual updates for beloved pets, our vets can make sure your furry friends are well-protected with all the most important vaccinations We provide care and compassion in the comfort of your own home.

At-Home Euthanasia

Don’t let your pet’s last moments be on a cold, sterile table. We’ll come to you and ensure your pet is comfortable in their final moments. We partner with afterlife service providers to ensure all your needs are covered during this difficult time. Please note: cremation services are charged at an additional cost

Partner Clinic Referral

If your pet is suffering from an illness or injury that our vets can’t treat, we’ll refer you to one of our 35 trusted partner clinics spread across the Melbourne region. Our partnerships ensure that you don’t have to go out of your way to look after your pet. Even better, our partner clinics won’t charge an additional consultation for your visit.

Complete management of your pet’s health

Have complete access to your pet’s healthcare records at all times. The Vets on Call app features detailed records of your pet’s health history, meaning your vet can find out everything they need to know.


Avoid going to the vet and bring them to you instead. No more waiting rooms, no more cages; Vets On Call offers the highest-quality veterinary care in the comfort of your own home.


Schedule your vet visits exactly when you need them. Vets On Call has over 150 qualified veterinarians all across the country with fantastic availabilities, meaning they can come to you exactly when you need them.

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You’re now ready to receive premium veterinary services in the comfort of your own home

1. Pick Your Appointment Time

Select the date and time that you want the vet to come

2. Pick Your Pet & Appointment Type

Select which of your pets the appointment is for and which service type you’re looking for

3. Find The Right Vet

Browse from available vets and select the one you like the most

4. Confirm Your Booking

Click submit and sit back and relax

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Frequently asked questions

We keep your pet’s health records on file so that you and your vet can have access. If you’re new to Vets on Call and don’t have all your pet’s details, you can request a copy of their health records from your clinic. Don’t worry; you can add any missing information to your pet’s profile on the app at any time.
Getting ready for your appointment is simple, just follow these steps:
1. Make sure you’re home at the time of the booking and have a quiet, tidy and comfortable space for the consultation.
2. Keep other pets separate from the room in which the consultation will take place.
3. Have old towels or something absorbent on hand, just in case.
4. Ensure any insurance forms you need your vet to sign at the end of the consultation are ready.
Yes, you can message your vet through the app once you have confirmed your booking and for two weeks following the conclusion of your booking (just in case something’s happened or you need a question answered).
Our veterinarians carry a pack with them that includes the most commonly used medications and equipment to be able to service the needs of your pet.
If your vet doesn’t have the right medication required, they’ll prescribe the appropriate treatment that you will be able to order through your app and have delivered to your door the following day.
Our vet will provide you with a referral to our local partner clinic that will be able to complete any specialised testing or treatment for you. Please note: We recommend booking your appointment immediately with our partner clinic as delaying the appointment may affect your pet’s treatment.
After your consultation is complete the following things will happen:
1. Your vet will update all your pet’s health records
2. You will be asked to rate the service of your vet.
3. You will be able to book a follow-up consultation at a reduced rate for two weeks should you need it.
4. You will have access to messaging your vet for two weeks post the consultation.

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Our Team

As committed animal lovers and tech heads, our team at Vets on Call are dedicated to your pet’s health.

Morgan ColemanCEO

It took a trip to the vet with his dog Milky (the brains of the organisation) for Morgan to recognise the need for convenient, stress-free and transparent services within the industry. He wanted to make a change that would benefit pet owners and veterinarians alike. That change was Vets On Call.


Ben is a technology designer and digital strategist. He heads up the design and development of the platform. His companion Lola, an 11 year old spoodle, has proven to be an effective testing base.


Rael has had numerous start-up business successes including Integration Design, Raptor, Newpath Web, NeeHau (Shanghai) and


Experienced entrepreneur, start-up investor and regular guest writer for & other technical publications.

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