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When thinking about adding a new addition to your family, don’t forget to consider saving a life by rescuing your new family member from a […]

Vet in Karingal, Malvern & Glen Iris

We love our pets and would do anything for them, which is why when our pets start showing odd signs, we naturally start to worry. […]

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Owning a pet in the inner suburbs of Melbourne can be difficult, especially if you are renting. Many places are not pet-friendly, and once you […]

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We all know about the difficulties we face when taking our beloved pet for a check-up to the vet. Whether it’s wrestling them into the […]

pet euthanasia at home

We’ve all been there. It’s almost time for the vet appointment and you’re too busy wrestling with your pet to get them into the car. […]

Does the thought of going to the doctors or dentist scare you? Do you get anxious when it’s time to go to an appointment? Just […]

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Owning a pet can be hard, but adjusting to a new pet can be harder. This is especially true for cats, as they are very […]

compassionate euthanasia at home

Christmas is just around the corner and soon our homes will be filled with the familiar sounds of singing, screaming children and Christmas crackers. It’s […]