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Vets on Call offers a compassionate and personalised at home pet euthanasia service

Vets on Call offers peaceful pet euthanasia at home in Melbourne and Brisbane without the added stress of having to cope with pet carriers, a trip to a clinic, waiting in a waiting room, or your best friends final moments being in a strange unfamiliar and scary place for them such as a clinic consulting room.

Saying goodbye in your own home is not only the kindest option for your pet, but for you as well. This allows you to remember their final moments in a loving environment surrounded by their loved ones and family, allowing you and your pet the privacy you both deserve.

If needed, our friendly and experienced Vet team can also discuss palliative care, to talk through pre-euthanasia advice and support before the time comes.

Our experienced and friendly team can talk through private cremation or burial options with you also. If your furry friend has passed away naturally at home, we can offer you deceased pet aftercare, collection of your furry family member and how to cope with the elements of this sad time.

Pet Euthanasia at Home Melbourne
At Home Pet Euthanasia Services

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