How to Keep Your Pets Safe in Spring and Summer?
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13 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe in Spring and Summer

By vetsadmin | September 23, 2021

The return of warmer weather means the start of brighter days for yourself and your furry friends. 

While we welcome warmer temperatures and beautiful foliage it’s handy to know the things to watch out for in summer and spring to make sure your pets are kept safe and happy. As your trusted mobile vet in sunny Queensland, we want to make sure that your pet is happy and healthy this spring and summer!

Let’s explore some of the potential issues for your pet and how you can help solve them. 

If you are concerned your pet has ingested something that is not meant for them you can call the Australian Animal Poisons Helpline on 1300 869 738. 

  1. Check that any plants in your backyard aren’t poisonous or cause adverse reactions to your pets. 
    For instance, the flower Lillies are fatal to cats who ingest them. This can be a real danger because they love brightly coloured things! 
    If you have plastic grass it can become lodged in your pet’s throat and cause airway obstruction. It’s probably best to remove the plastic grass and Lillie’s from your home for peace of mind. 
  1. Seasonal treats are amazing for humans but less so for pets. Many Christmas treats contain chocolate and that can be a problem for pets. Try to keep your furry friends away from the table where possible and try not to have chocolate out on an easy to reach table if you know your pet likes to get on the table. 
  1. Having good quality flyscreens is a must when you have furry friends. Cats in particular like to jump through unscreened windows. As the warmer weather tempts you to fling open your windows to let the warm breeze in, check your flyscreens and if you don’t have flyscreens, now would be the time to install them. 
  1. Make sure any chemicals you are using are stored safely. This includes natural cleaning products and other products that you are inspired to use in a spring cleaning blitz!
  1. The storage of your chemicals also extends to home improvement tools such as paints and solvents in your garage, and nails. Your pet is naturally curious and curious animals can get into all sorts of situations.  Invest in good storage solutions for your garage to stop this from occurring. It also keeps your garage organised…which is a bonus!
  1. Check that any fertiliser or weed killer you use is kept far away from your pet and they can’t ingest it as you are using it in your garden or yard. Also as we stated previously, ensure your garden doesn’t have toxic flowers that can result in a dangerous situation for your pet. 
  1. Spring and summer are also times where many bugs and critters are out and about. Ensure your pets are on a comprehensive flea and tick program as well as their heartworm medication. Your mobile vet in Aspley will be able to recommend a great program. There are programs where the medication is sent to you monthly on a subscription so you never have to worry about forgetting again! 
  1. Keep an eye on how your dog behaves during spring and summer. Pet’s can have allergies just like humans. Allergies present in pets in a number of ways such as itching, sniffles or sneezing. 
    Pets can suffer from anaphylactic shock in cases of severe allergy and it is recommended if this happens, to seek an emergency vet clinic immediately. Do not delay. Also after the initial reaction, seek solutions from your mobile vet or emergency vet that you can have on hand, in case this occurs again. 
  1. It is considered standard to microchip your pet, however, if you have not done so spring and summer are crucial times. Your pets will have more to see and explore in the summer months and can wander off. To avoid the anguish of a pet being lost, a microchip is a great solution. 
  1. In the warmer weather, particularly in places such as Wynnum in Queensland, have solutions to keeping your pets cool is a must. Make sure you have plenty of fresh water available for your pet and a cool shady spot for them to rest in. 
  1. Do not leave your pets in hot cars even for a few minutes as this can result in a very sad situation of fatal heatstroke. It is also illegal as well as cruel. 
  1. Employ the services of a dog groomer or trim your pet’s coat themselves, whatever the method, ensure your furry friends have a trimmed coat to beat the summer heat. Some pets can have a very thick coat which can contribute to overheating. 
  1. Create a quiet, safe space for them during New Years Eve celebrations, particularly during fireworks and other loud celebrations. It’s also a good idea to ensure that the area you create for your furry friend has very little chance of escaping. And remove anything from the room that they can injure themselves with. 
    Dog’s in particular can get very agitated during firework displays. 

    We pride ourselves on the best care for your pets no matter the season and are happy to help with any problems your pet encounters, seasonal or otherwise. Here at Vet’s on Call, we are your trusted mobile vet in Wynnum, Aspley and throughout Brisbane.  Simply call us on 1800 838 748 or download our app from your App Store to find out how we can make your pets life easier!

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