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5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Pet

By vetsadmin | March 26, 2018

Are you contemplating taking the leap into the extremely rewarding (and sometimes challenging) world of pet ownership? If so, Vets on Call couldn’t be happier! Our mobile vets help out new pet owners all the time!

We believe that having a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences that life offers us, but we do want to impart a little advice on how to choose the best pet for you.

You’re In It For The Long Haul

We think that if you’ve read this far, it’s pretty clear that you’re ready for your first pet, meaning that no matter what pet you choose, it should end up alright.

But, you do need to recognise that this could be a relationship that lasts for a while (some pets can live to the age of twenty!). We’ve put together a few steps that should help you make your decision and give yourself the best chance of a harmonious life with your new fur baby.

1. Select The Species

Are you looking for a dog, cat, guinea pig or something really exotic like an Iguana? For the sake of this article, let’s just stick with dogs and cats, but either way, you need to decide on the species of animal you’d like as it will help you start to narrow down your options.

2. Identify Suitable Characteristics

Once you’ve figured out the species you’d like, it’s time to create a wishlist of characteristics. Do you want a pet that you can exercise with and has lots of energy? Or do you want a couch potato that loves to give cuddles? Should your pet be easy to train? Loyal? A great family pet? Make a list as long as you can because it will come in handy for the next step

3.  Research your breeds

Using the list above, it’s time to figure out which breeds will best fit the type of pet you’d like. Most breeds have certain common characteristics that will assist you in being able to narrow it down, but know that every animal is different; sometimes your new baby might not be exactly as you expected.

4. Know your costs

A pet is a dependent that will be relying on you for all its needs for the next twenty or more years, so you need to know what costs you’re in for along the journey. Vet bills are just the tip of the iceberg, and you need to know what the day-to-day costs of your pet are going to be. Maintaining a Great Dane can cost a lot more than a Chihuahua (the difference could be hundreds of dollars a month), so it’s important you make yourself aware of what these costs may be.

5. Do your research

By now, you would have decided on the species and breed you want and are aware of the costs associated with owning your pet. Now, it’s time to become Sherlock Holmes. By that, we don’t mean go out and solve a local murder mystery, but instead, we want you to do some detective work on potential breeders or go and spend some time in your local pound/adoption agency before making your final choice and picking up your little (or big) bundle of joy.

Don’t Rush

Just remember our pets choose us just as much as we choose them, so take the time to give yourself the best chance at getting a truly mutually beneficial relationship with your pet.

When The Time Comes, Talk To Vets on Call

Everyone at Vets on Call is a pet owner which is why we are so passionate about providing convenient, stress-free and transparent mobile veterinary services to pet owners around the country. None of us would trade being a pet owner for anything, and we know you’ll love it as much as we do!

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