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Caring for your pet during COVID-19

By vetsadmin | July 2, 2020

Australia is going through one of the most unprecedented times in our history with the lock-down restrictions in place by many state governments. Whilst we’re seeing some normality return to some areas of Australia other parts of the country aren’t faring as well. Melbourne in particular currently has the most restrictive measures on place as the government battles to stop the spread of the virus amongst increasing cases daily. But just because we have to work from home, restrict our movements and social interactions doesn’t mean that our pets are suddenly safe from the conditions that affect them.

Veterinary medicine plays an integral part of our overall health system and as such is listed as an essential service. This is good news for pet owners but vet clinics remaining open doesn’t reduce the risk of community infection that comes with a trip to the local clinic.

Fortunately, there is an alternative and a great one at that (we’re a touch bias though). Vets on Call has been offering in home veterinary services since May 2018, we’ve built a team of over 60 veterinarians across Melbourne and regional Victoria and have worked hard to increase our service provisions to match your traditional clinic. What that means for pet owners is that no longer do they have to choose between a comprehensive service and the convenient, stress free benefits of a home visit. With Vets on Call they can have both.

The restrictions required to ensure a safe practice have been adopted by Vets on Call. We’ve altered our service to ensure we are caring for the safety of our vets as well as our clients whilst still ensuring that their pets have access to the best veterinary care.

Whilst the future remains uncertain for so many parts of our lives pet owners can rest assured that Vets on Call will continue to provide the best veterinary services without the added risk of increasing community transmissions.

The best care is at home. With Vets on Call’s home vet service you can save your pet the stress of a trip to the vet, get more accurate diagnosis’ and a better healthcare outcome for them without putting your or your family’s health in any undue risk.

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