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6 Signs Your Pet is in Distress and When to Call Your Mobile Vet

By vetsadmin | October 11, 2021

Just like us sometimes our pets can become agitated or experience pain. It’s harder when it is your furry friend as you can’t easily discuss with them how they are feeling. You need to keep an eye out for unusual behaviour that your pet is displaying and give your friendly mobile vet in Everton Hills a call if you are concerned. Let’s take a look at the signs to watch out for with your furry friend and what you can do to help. 

  1. Trembling or pacing

This is not to be mistaken for when your pet shakes its body to get rid of grass or sand or something in its coat. That’s not unusual and very common. What we are referring to is uncontrollable trembling that can look they are shivering. 

Many pets also pace when they are tense or worried.

If this happens, consider their immediate environment. Are they in a vets waiting room? Is there a thunderstorm warning? Have there been a lot of environmental changes? Is there another pet nearby that is causing them distress?

If you can identify the trigger try to eliminate it if you can. However, if you cannot do anything about it (such as a vet appointment or house renovations), help your pet understand that our residence is a safe space for them always. Another great tip is to organise a mobile vet to take the stress out of a vet consultation and in your pets own safe space. 

  1. Whining

This is quite common in dogs, particularly if they are just recently adopted. It is normal behaviour in pets if they are suffering attachment issues. However, if your pet is a long term member of the family and your dog’s vocal whining is out of the ordinary, call your mobile vet and have a consultation.

  1. Drooling, licking and yawning

You might be surprised to see yawning on this list. Pet’s do yawn when tired it’s true. 

However, when they are stressed they can yawn excessively in a more intense way. Dogs can also lick and drool when very nervous. If you notice your dog licking one of their legs often, that can mean that they are in pain and are trying to make it better. 

As you get to know your pet more you’ll notice if they are acting unusual in this manner and can book an appointment with your trusted mobile vet in Wynnum. 

  1. Changes in gait or posture

If your pet starts to favour one side of the other it can be a sign of an injury to the leg or the foot. If your pet starts to favour their rear legs this is a big sign that they are experiencing joint pain. They can also do this when they are stressed. 

Another sign of pain or stress is when your dog tucks its tail in. A wagging tail usually indicates happiness. If you are unsure check with your trusted vet to see if it needs to be investigated further. 

  1. Enlarged eyes and upturned ears

Much like us, stress can present in pets with wide eyes where you can see the whites of their eyes. Their ears will also be pricked up and alert to any sound that is in your environment. They can have a startled look to them which is usually fairly easy to pick up on. 

  1. Panting

If your pet is panting and they haven’t had any exercise, it can be a sign of stress. It can also be a sign that your dog is feeling very warm. If you think it is dehydration or heat, put them in a cool room with plenty of water and reassess in about 20-30 minutes.

What can I do to help my stressed pet? 

Learning what to do to help your pet is just as important as learning the signs of a stressed pet. Knowing the signs of when your pet is feeling tense is easier the more you get to know each other. As your relationship deepens your pet will look to you to soothe them when they are upset. 

When they are exhibiting the signs above the first thing you need to do is to eliminate the triggering element, if you can. 

When that is done, or you cannot, you need to reassure your pet. It can be very tempting to cuddle and pet your furry friend. However, this can reinforce their behaviour. What is best to do is to perform a routine of commands such as getting your dog to sit and stay. This familiar routine is extremely soothing for dogs. Then you can pat and soothe the dogs and give treats for obeying the command. 

Another great way to relieve stress is to take your pet for exercise if you can, this can really help your pet decompress and get some feel-good endorphins pumping!

If your dog becomes stressed regularly, it’s best to book an appointment with your trusted mobile vet in Aspley and the surrounding suburbs in Brisbane. Here at Vets on Call, we want your pet to live their best and happiest lives. 

To ensure your pet’s quality of life contact us at Vet’s on Call on 1800 838 748)  or download our app from your app store. 

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