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Apartment Living and Pets

By vetsadmin | October 28, 2018

We’re seeing the continued urbanisation of the Australian population with 67% of the Australian population living in a capital city according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This trend toward city living means that fewer and fewer Australian’s are living with much, if any land. However, this trend toward urbanisation hasn’t deterred Australian’s away from pet ownership with an estimated 63% of Australians owning a companion animal as stated by industry research conducted by Animal Health Alliance.

So, is there a discourse between urbanisation and pet ownership? What about for those apartment dwelling people that miss the companionship and love that a pet provides in ample doses? The good news is that living in the city and owning a pet aren’t mutually exclusive and you can do both. We’ve put together a few tips for owning a pet, specifically a dog in an apartment.

  1. Take note of your lifestyle:Are you the type of apartment dweller that is really active and in the park every day? Or do you leave home for work at 6am only to return at 8pm? Doing this kind of analysis will help you determine the type of breed that will most suit your lifestyle. It’s important to give this some thought as your pet has needs too, ensuring your lifestyle will not negatively affect their wellbeing and their health is critical in determining which pet is right for you.
  2. Research your breeds:Ultimately if you’re committed to looking after your pet no matter what there is no “right” choice. However, there are certain breeds that are more suited to apartment living. Rather than list them all here, we thought we’d share a link to a list of 20 of the most suitable apartment dogs If you have your heart set on a large dog, don’t be disheartened as some of the breeds most suited for apartment living may surprise you.
  3. Get prepared:Amongst all the excitement of bringing home your new family member you’ll need to set aside some time to prepare first. Beyond buying all the food, bedding and toys you may need even need to do some minor alterations to your home. This could mean installing a doggy door or better fencing.
  4. Enjoy:Pet ownership is one of the most rewarding things you can do and luckily for us pet lovers there is an increasing number of pet friendly cafes, restaurants and inner-city hangouts for you and your fur baby to enjoy together over a latte and a doggychino.

With the recent introduction of Victoria’s new rental laws making it easier for renters to own a pet we think we will see even more people enjoying the benefits of pet ownership. Hopefully these tips help you decide on which pet is right for you.

The Vets on Call Team

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