Busting the Myths of Home Visit Vets
Home Visit Vets

Busting the Myths of Home Visit Vets

By Sam Weeks | November 2, 2020

We are all looking for ways to make our lives easier, whether it be through online shopping, meal-plan delivery programs or telehealth medical appointments. Many of these services have been around for a little while now, but have recently seen widespread increase in popularity due to the coronavirus lockdown measures.

One such service is home visit vets. Vets have always made house calls but pet owners are quickly embracing the added convenience that this style of care offers, with the ability to receive top-quality vet treatment without leaving their living room. 

Despite this, not every pet owner understands the benefits that mobile vet services can offer and are wary to make the switch from in-person clinical appointments. There are still many myths about the quality and range of service that home visit veterinarians are able to provide. Let’s break down a few of these misconceptions.

  1. Myth 1: Mobile vets offer a limited number of services

Home visit vets are able to provide close to every service that you would expect when visiting a clinic — the only exception being certain intensive surgeries that require a hospital environment. 

The vast majority of diagnostic procedures and treatments can certainly take place in a home environment and doing so can actually be of great benefit to a vet. Home visits allow veterinarians to see a pet in their day-to-day habitat and can provide valuable insight into factors that may be causing illness or distress. 

Should your pet require any standard type of procedure, a mobile vet is certainly able to assist. This typically includes:

  1. Myth 2: Mobile vets don’t carry all the equipment that is available at a clinic

House call vets carry with them a wide array of equipment that allows them to provide high-quality veterinary care.

They have on hand many types of common medication meaning should something be wrong with your four-legged friend, you can begin a treatment plan immediately.

  1. Myth 3:Mobile vet care is of a lesser standard

Home visit vets are qualified professionals who are experienced in providing pet care across a range of settings — both in a clinic and a home environment. They would never sacrifice the quality of care to provide a more convenient service; the health and wellbeing of your pet is always their top priority.

Many services, including Vets on Call, offer the ability to store your pet’s health records. Creating a digital capsule of your pet’s health history, that can be accessed at any time, provides acute insight and is a valuable tool in their ongoing wellbeing. 

Vets on Call provides care for your pet that is high-quality and convenient. With qualified veterinarians, transparent pricing options, an easy-to-use app and the ability to book appointments at a time that suits you, you’ll quickly discover that our service matches (if not exceeds) the treatment your pet receives at an in-clinic appointment. Contact us today to find out more.

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