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Debunking the Myths about Flea and Worming Treatment

By vetsadmin | August 1, 2019

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding things you can do. They provide an abundance of joy and love to our lives but can come with a few unexpected costs, with flea and worming treatment being one of them.

Our vets at Vets on Call are regularly asked whether the flea and worming treatments can be skipped and if they are really necessary. The short answer is yes, not because fleas and worms on their own are necessarily life-threatening, but they can have detrimental effects on your pet’s health. We believe that every animal is entitled to a happy and healthy life, so we thought we’d address some of the common myths around flea and worming treatment.

Myth 1: It’s too Expensive

To prevent a flea or worm infestation, it requires regular treatment which can add up to hundreds of dollars a year depending on the size of your pet. This can seem like a lot, but in reality, it is much cheaper than having to treat the effects of a flea or worming infestation. Untreated flea and worm infestations can lead to expensive secondary infections or compromise your pet’s immune system and leave them susceptible to other serious conditions.

Myth 2: It Doesn’t Work

The reason for this myth is that some pet owners reported that even after using flea and worming treatment, their pet still contracted worms or fleas. Unfortunately, this can happen if you use a treatment that isn’t appropriate for your pet or for where you live and not all treatments are created equal. Before spending your money, speak with one of our vets about which treatments are best for your pet.

Myth 3: They’re Bad for Your Pet

The thought behind this is that if something is bad for fleas and worms, then surely it can’t be good for our pets, right? Fortunately for our pets, this is completely false. The reality is, that the ingredients in these treatments are harmless to our pets but remain toxic to the parasites that can wreak havoc to their health.

Regardless of where you live or the type of pet you have, prevention is always the best solution. Using a regular flea, worm and tick prevention is an integral part of protecting your pet from illness. If you have any questions about what treatment is best for your pet, then ask one of our friendly and helpful vets at your next stress-free home consultation. Remember to download the Vets On Call app for iPhone and Android.

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