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Veterinary Euthanasia At Home

Would You Benefit from At Home Pet Euthanasia Services in Melbourne?

By vetsadmin | January 29, 2019

Dog Euthanasia at Home in Melbourne

Death is an inevitable part of our pet’s life and saying goodbye is never easy. Your pet lived a wonderful and happy life, so why should the end be any different? At Vets on Call, we understand just how hard that last goodbye is, which is why we offer compassionate euthanasia at home services to ensure that you and your pet are in a comfortable, familiar and loving environment. Here are some of the main benefits of our home pet euthanasia services that will ensure that saying goodbye is peaceful, and on your own terms.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Our pets are very sensitive to pheromones, which can make a veterinary clinic seem scarier than it really is. Our pets pick up on scents and smell from other animals which can increase their stress levels, which is the last thing both of you want when trying to say goodbye. The kindest option you can choose for your pet is to say goodbye in their family home, surrounded with love, peace, and familiarity.  This means that your pet can be with their favourite toys and you can be in control of where the procedure takes place, whether in their favourite spot in the yard or from the comfort of their bed.

The Final Memory

Nothing can take away the pain of losing a pet, but you can control how the last moments play out. Our pets are skilled naturals at reading body language. A veterinary clinic may make you feel uncomfortable. Being in an unfamiliar setting during such an eventful situation, can increase the stress levels of your pet. Saying goodbye in your own home is not only the kindest option for your pet, but for you as well. This allows you to remember their final moments in a loving environment surrounded by their loved ones and family, allowing you and your pet the privacy you both deserve.


Saying goodbye is going to be an emotionally draining situation, However, you can find comfort by feeling helpful and in charge of the situation. You can decide the final location, who is there on the day and what time to bid the final goodbye before leaving forever when the times comes to say goodbye. No one knows your pet better than you, so you will know exactly what your pet needs to ensure that their final moments are safe, comforting and loving. You can discuss the situation with family members so that everything is correctly in place on the day. The process itself is quick and simple, straight forward, and you are in control the entire time.

Vets on Call is a mobile app that delivers professional veterinarians right in front of your to your door step when you need them the most. When it comes to serious issues, our veterinary euthanasia at home services will do everything to ensure that you and your pet are in the ideal environment. If you are looking for “vets near me” to put your furry friend to rest, book a vet online or download our mobile app.

Our mobile pet euthanasia is the kindest and most sincere way to say goodbye to your pet, on your own terms.

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