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Double Trouble! Why A Golden Retriever Might be the Best Choice for a Household with Little Children

By Sam Weeks | August 31, 2021

One of the most popular dog breeds across the world, golden retrievers have won our hearts and a place in our homes with their docile, friendly nature and lovely personalities. If you live in a household with children and are wondering if a golden retriever would fit your lifestyle, here are a few reasons to convince you of why you should definitely get one.

Once you have successfully adopted your golden retriever, it is essential to set up a general wellness and healthcare plan with a vet to help your new pet lead a healthy and happy life. Or better yet, get in touch with Vets on Call and get access to a mobile vet in your area who can eliminate the stress of vet visits by giving your dog the care he or she needs in the comfort of your home.

Quick Takeaways:

Height: A male retriever may grow up to 56-61cm in height, whereas a female retriever stays between 51-56cm when fully grown.

Weight: A healthy male retriever may weigh between 29-34kg, whereas a healthy female typically weighs between 25-29kg.

Breed: Originally bred as hunting and waterfowl-retrieving dogs, the first golden retriever was a cross between a Tweed Water Spaniel (now extinct) and an existing breed of retrievers. It is also considered to have originated from the now-extinct Russian tracker.

Fur: A golden retriever has a double coat that is prone to shedding and requires frequent grooming to keep it mat-free and healthy.

Colour: Different shades of golden, light golden and dark golden.

Life expectancy: A healthy retriever may live up to 10-12 years.

Demeanour: Social, friendly, intelligent, highly trainable, outgoing and playful.

Perfect for: Children, seniors, families, families with other pets and as service dogs

Origin: Scotland

Golden Retriever Personality Traits:

  • Perfect for families with children

Because of their docile, friendly and very gentle nature, golden retrievers make excellent family dogs. They love kids and playtime and have a very soft, gentle mouth. They are also very energetic and will get your kids off the couch to play with them, successfully tiring them out and making them sleep better and earlier once bedtime comes. Retrievers are great with kids of all ages and are often very protective of little children.

  • Very loyal

A retriever is very loyal to his family, which is a major reason why so many people like having them as pets. Once a retriever feels loved and like an important part of the family, they will go to any length to protect the other members of the family.

  • Patient

Children can often be rough with your dog. A golden retriever will never react with aggression and are generally very tolerant and patient with other pets and little children. This is a major reason why parents feel comfortable in letting their children play with the dog even without supervision.

However, it is very important to monitor both dog and child when they first start getting to know each other, and to teach your child how to be kind to your dog and play with them without hurting them.

  • Good at training

Part of the reason why they make such good service and hunting dogs is their ability to follow instructions and be trained. They are also used as emotional support dogs because of their intelligence and empathetic skills. Golden retrievers also have a strong desire to please their owners, which is why they are more receptive to training attempts than many other dogs.

  • Boundless energy

Because goldens were originally bred as hunting and retrieving dogs, they require a fair bit of exercise to release the pent up energy in their body. Children also often have a lot of energy that they need to get out of their bodies. This is why golden retrievers make such good companions to households with kids. Allow your kids and the dog to run around and play outside the house for at least 2 hours per day to have tired but happy children and a dog.

  • Natural swimmers

If your family lives near the water, or loves being in the water, golden retrievers are a perfect addition to your family. Because they were originally bred to retrieve waterfowl, they are natural swimmers and love spending time in the water.

  • Quiet

Golden retrievers are not big barkers. If you have a household with little children that are light sleepers, you don’t want them to be woken up because your dog barked at a bird flying outside. As long as your golden receives an adequate amount of exercise, they remain calm and will not bark at anything and everything.

Final thoughts

A golden retriever is a terrific dog breed for many different types of households and lifestyles and will suit almost anyone who has a more active lifestyle. They are gentle, friendly, easy to train and mild-mannered and get along very well with both other animals and humans.

Ensuring your golden retriever lives a long, happy and healthy life requires regular vet visits. A golden may be a very social animal, but a vet clinic may make it too excitable, affecting the quality of treatment it gets. Additionally, for households with kids, scheduling regular vet visits can become difficult if there is no one to look after the kids behind the adult.

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