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Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

By Morgan | February 20, 2020

We can all feel it, the overwhelming love we have for our pets, the joy they bring us every day and the endorphins that flow through us when they greet us at the front door.
However, there are many other benefits that pets provide us that we may not be aware of. So, just so we can appreciate the positive impact they have on our lives we thought we would share a list of some of the other benefits they provide us.


1. Increased physical activity

All those walks and playtime add up and you don’t even realise the calories you’re burning as you help your pet relieve some of their pent-up energy. The benefits of this are numerous. Think reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and decreased triglycerides.


2. Expand your social networks

Your pet is a brilliant ice breaker. Hanging out in dog parks and having your dog play with another is actually a great way to meet new people. Your pet can act as the ultimate networker, introducing you to new friends, and for some people their significant other.


3. Improved mental health

Having a pet can reduce feelings of loneliness which can lead to depression and other mental illnesses. Studies have shown that people, particularly teenagers, that own pets have a more positive outlook on life. After all, how can you look at that lolling tongue and not smile back?


4. Improved immune system

Studies have shown that growing up with a pet throughout childhood may assist in improving your immune system which will come in handy later in life.


5. Teaches empathy in children

When children spend time around a family pet, they learn about caring for others and learning to help them by reading their non-verbal cues. This helps children that grow up with pets learn empathy much sooner than those that don’t.


6. Unconditional caregivers

Need a day off work sick? Who plays nurse and cuddles you all day while you’re on the couch watching TV? That’s right, your pet. They may not be able to apply Vick’s vapour rub to your chest but they can certainly help you feel better through the love and affection they give you.


This is just a short list we put together to highlight the positive impact pets have on our lives. We’re sure that you can add to the list and can appreciate all the things they do for us.

Be sure to give them an extra big cuddle today from us.

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