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How do I prepare for the vet's arrival?

By vetsadmin | April 28, 2020

We reached out to our fellow community of pet lovers and owners to understand how we could help make their life easier when caring for their pets. After working through all the responses, we’ve put together a video series that answers the top 5 most asked questions. In today’s video, we’ll answer your question about how to prepare for when a vet arrives at your home.


Being prepared before the vet arrives is important for ensuring everything goes smoothly. If it’s your first consultation with us or your first time having a vet come to your home, there may be questions that come to mind. Where is the best place in the house to have the consultation? What do I need to have ready for the vet? If I have another pet, do I need to keep them in the backyard?


How do I prepare for my consultation?

It’s really easy – we only need a few things from you to ensure the consultation goes well.

Most importantly, please make sure you are home at the time you have booked. We can’t treat your pet if you’re not there. A tidy, calm room is the best place for us to treat your pet and it wouldn’t hurt to have a few towels on hand just in case of accidents.

If there’s any important paperwork, it’s a good idea to have it ready. To ensure your consultation is stress-free, watch our video below and you will be prepped and ready for our vet’s visit.



Following these simple steps is the best way to make sure you are fully prepared for your Vets on Call consultation.

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