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How To Ensure Your Pet Has A Safe And Merry Christmas

By vetsadmin | December 12, 2018

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Christmas is just around the corner and soon our homes will be filled with the familiar sounds of singing, screaming children and Christmas crackers. It’s an amazing time of the year, but it can be a particularly stressful time for our pets if we aren’t fully paying attention. If you live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and don’t want to spend your Christmas day looking for an Ivanhoe vet or a Reservoir vet at the last minute, then here are some helpful tips to ensure that your pet has a safe and merry Christmas.

No Pigging Out

You can pig out, but unfortunately the same rules don’t apply to our pets. It’s very easy to forget that there are a lot of everyday foods that our pets can’t eat, and Christmas time is all about having these foods on display. Such foods can include lollies, fruit cake, avocado, marinades, onions, ham and gravy. It can be very easy, especially for guests, to offer a small piece of seemingly harmless food to a pet with puppy dog eyes as a little treat, which can lead to harmful results.

Be Mindful Of Decorations

Decorations are always fun to put up around the house but we must keep our pets in mind. Low hanging Christmas tree decorations like baubles or candy canes can be too hard to resist for some pets and can cause serious damage. Our pets are curious creatures, so be sure to hang all your decorations high up and out of the way so nosey pets can’t sink their teeth into them.

Show Some Extra Love

Make things easier for you, and your pet, this Christmas with some simple preventative measures. Our pets are full of energy, so before your guests arrive it’s a good idea to take your pet for a walk.This way they’ll be calmer and more relaxed by the time your guests arrive. To avoid your pet feeling left out when it comes to treats, try making them their very own special treat that they can eat. Even setting up a quite spot upstairs or out of the way where they can retreat to can give them a little break from the festivities.

To ensure the worst doesn’t happen and you aren’t searching for an Essendon vet or Thornbury vet at the very last minute, keep these tips in mind this Christmas. However, if you do find yourself looking for a vet this Christmas, download the Vets on Call app to have an experienced mobile vet come straight to your door. Visit the website for all the information you need and to download the app.

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