Is a House Call Vet Right For You?
House Call Vet

Is a House Call Vet Right For You?

By Sam Weeks | October 22, 2020

A house call vet may seem like a new phenomenon, but they have actually been around for hundreds of years. Some of the earliest veterinarians thought the best care was administered in the home, a belief that is still held by many today.

Our four-legged friends are quite susceptible to changing conditions, which can cause psychological stress and adverse physical reactions. The process of getting them into and out of the car before sitting in a waiting room can provoke unwanted aggravation and anxiety, particularly in cats and dogs.

A home vet call removes all of these difficulties whilst still providing high-quality care and treatment for a wide variety of conditions and ailments. If you are thinking about making the switch to a mobile vet but are unsure if it is the right option for you and your animal companion, consider the following points.


People are often surprised at the vast array of treatment options and routine care services that mobile vets are able to perform. House call vets ensure that they carry with them all the necessary equipment and medication in order to provide the same level of service that you would receive at a clinic.

Some of the most common veterinary services that are available through house call visits include:

You can be assured of the quality and breadth of care that your pet receives through a home visit.


Often your pet may exhibit symptoms that are cause for concern, such as limping or an inability to chew food, that promptly (and irritatingly) disappear as soon as you get them to the vet’s office. 

This can be for any number of reasons, including adrenaline (as a result of being in a new environment) that is acting to mask pain.

Having a vet visit you in your own home ensures that a pet feels comfortable and is not overwhelmed by new sights, smells and stimuli. They will continue to behave as they normally do, including presenting symptoms of illness and injury.

A home visit also provides the vet with an opportunity to understand the environment which the animal lives. Some diseases, including diabetes and obesity, can be caused in-part by lifestyle factors including sleeping space, diet and the amount of room for exercise. A vet can make a more informed prognosis if they are fully aware of all the contributing factors to an animal’s state of being.


One of the biggest reasons to book a home vet visit is the convenience factor. You can select an appointment date that is right for you and know that you won’t have to spend precious time sitting in an office, waiting for the vet to be ready.

There is no need to coax your pet into a travel bag or cage and you can be confident that the vet will have on hand all the required medication and equipment to provide the best standard of care.

Vets on Call was created by pet owners, for pet owners. We understand that having a sick or injured pet can be a stressful experience, and so have created a service designed around the twin pillars of convenience and care. With an easy 3-step booking process, transparent pricing and complete access to your pet’s health history, you can be sure that a house call vet from Vets on Call is right for you. Contact us today to find out more.

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