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Is Your Pet Scared to Go to the Vet?

By vetsadmin | December 13, 2018

Does the thought of going to the doctors or dentist scare you? Do you get anxious when it’s time to go to an appointment? Just like us, our pets can feel the same way when it’s time for the yearly visit to the vet. For those of us in Melbourne’s south-east suburbs, we know all too well the feeling of struggling to get our pet to a Cranbourne vet or a Blackburn vet. The feeling can take an emotional toll, leaving both you and your pet stressed out. So, why are our pets so afraid of going to the vet?

The answer is a multiple number of reasons. Pheromones play a big part, as dogs have an incredible sense of smell. The natural chemicals released from glands around the mouth, ears and paws of other dogs will be picked up by your pet. These pheromones are released by scared, stressed and anxious animals in the veterinary clinic, which essentially become a warning for other animals that pick up the scent. Our beloved dogs then match their behaviour to the previous canines that left the scent.

It’s not just the clinic itself that can trigger fear in our pets. Even before the clinic, our pets can pick up on signs such as visual signals. Dogs are extremely good at reading our body language, which is why they tilt their head when we talk to them (because their muzzle blocks part of our face when they are reading our emotional state). This means that the more a visit to the vet affects us, the more it will affect our pet (unless you have the world’s best poker face).

But a visit to the vet doesn’t have to be this way. Vets on Call was created to avoid this very situation, as they understand that vets aren’t scary; but the process can be. Vets on Call is a mobile app, available on iPhone and Android, that provides professional at home veterinary services straight to your door. No more stressful pheromones or poker faces, just expert pet healthcare from the comfort of your own living room. No matter the situation, all our vets carry packs of equipment and medications in order to provide instant relief for your little loved one.

To anywhere in Melbourne, use the Vets on Call app today. Visit the website to download the mobile app and to find out more information.

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