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Keeping Your Pet Cool This Summer

By Sam Weeks | January 13, 2021

Summer is here which means long, hot days on the beach and plenty of time spent with friends and family in the sun. Whilst this season is favoured by many, for our pets — particularly those with long, shaggy coats — the heat can often prove to be a little too much to handle.

It is particularly important to look after your pet during the summer months, as they are just as prone to heatstroke as their human companions. Pets that are elderly, overweight or suffer from pre-existing medical conditions are at heightened risk and if temperatures climb too high, may suffer from potentially deadly organ failure.

Signs of heat stroke include:

  • Excessive panting
  • Drooling and salivation
  • Bright red tongue
  • Vomiting and diarrhea 
  • Mental confusion
  • Muscle tremors
  • Low urine production.

Luckily, there are a range of special treats and products that you can purchase to assist your pet in staying cool this summer, alongside recommended changes in pet care habits and behaviour that will help them avoid the hottest parts of the day.

If at any time you are concerned about your pet’s behaviour, contact a vet to discuss their symptoms. Vets on Call are on hand to help, with our easy to use app which provides the opportunity to quickly locate vets near me.

Frosty treats

Who doesn’t like a cool treat on a hot summer day? Turns out our pets do as well. Specially designed, animal-safe ice cream is a great option, as are frozen treat bowls which can include broth, pet-safe fruit and vegetables (try blueberries, carrots and green beans) and peanut butter. Always check with your vet before feeding your pet any new types of food. 

Plan your walks

When planning walks and outside activities, it goes without saying that you should avoid the hottest time of the day. Try to stick to early morning and late evenings and consider other ways of keeping active, such as taking your pet swimming. Ensure you provide plenty of water for them to rehydrate after exercise.

Provide shaded areas

If your pet is an outdoor creature, ensure that your backyard has plenty of shaded areas for them to rest. Try setting up paddle pools and consider keeping food and water bowls inside to encourage them to spend time in a sheltered environment. On particularly hot days, even outdoor pets should be able to move freely to and from the house as they need.

Cooling products

There are many nifty toys and accessories that can be used to keep your pet cool during long, hot summer days. Consider purchasing cooling mats, vests and collars for them to wear and check out the wide range of toys that can be placed in the freezer for hours of reusable entertainment. 

Slip, slop, slap!

Animals that spend too much time in the sun are also susceptible to developing skin cancer — luckily, pet sunscreen is here to help. Sunscreen is particularly important for shorthaired animals and those with exposed skin found on ears and noses. Avoid using human sunscreen on your pet and opt instead for a specifically designed product.

Vets on Call is a house call vet service that delivers quality pet care, right to your door. If you are concerned about your pet heading into the summer months or have any other health and wellbeing matters that you wish to discuss, download our easy-to-use mobile vet app and get in contact with us today. 

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