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Managing your pet’s health care history

By vetsadmin | June 23, 2020

It is better for your doctor to treat you when they have thorough knowledge of your medical history. Well, the same goes for your pet and our vets. When they have all the information they need, their diagnosis and treatment is easier and more accurate. Unlike your local human doctor, when our vets come to your home to treat your pet for the first time, they may not have all your pet’s records. That’s where our Vets on Call app comes in handy.

Our Vets on Call app stores all your pet’s diagnostic and medication details from their consultations and any information acquired from clinics you may have visited in the past. Using the Vets on Call app to store your pet’s health care records l lets you keep everything  in one place, in a system that manages it for you.


How history impacts diagnosis


Often your pet’s previous health concerns can be an underlying cause in their current medical condition. That’s why having this information readily available for your vet is extremely important.

Providing our qualified vets access to all relevant information will allow them to provide a holistic diagnosis as well as the highest quality of care.

However, this crucial information is not always easy to remember when you are a pet owner. You may have several pets, maybe you’ve had ‘Lucky’ for quite a number of years or perhaps you’re new to being a pet owner.  It can be tricky to remember every bit of medical information relevant to your pet’s health, such as the name of a diagnosis or the specific time periods treatment occurred. However, there is an easy way around this.


How to obtain your pet’s historical health care records


This information can be requested easily from your pet’s current clinic. Once you make the

request, the clinic can email it through to you. These records can then be uploaded into our Vets On Call app and accessed any time.


Where to find information about your pet’s current condition


Not only does our app provide you with easy and secure access to your pet’s previous records, but our vets also update it with information gathered from each and every consultation. This allows you to see your pet’s  complete and up-to-date records all in one place.

With access to your pet’s health care records ensuring high quality care every time – there is no doubt that the best care is at home with Vets on Call.

Book an appointment with us today – download the Vets on Call app, available on the Google Play and App Store.

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