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Pet Euthanasia At Home

Pet Euthanasia At Home In Melbourne Is The Kindest Option

By vetsadmin | January 17, 2019

Mobile Pet Euthanasia Services in Melbourne

Death is the end to the circle of life. It’s as unavoidable as it is hard, yet inevitable. From personal experience, we at Vets on Call understand just how difficult losing a beloved pet is.

We also understand just how hard it is to say goodbye in an uncomfortable and unfamiliar environment. Veterinary Clinics are an important part of quality veterinary care, especially for diagnostic testing and emergencies. However, our pets can find these places terrifying as they are filled with the fear pheromones of other animals. By having treatments and procedures that can be done away from a clinical environment completed in the comfort of your pet’s home you’ll save your them a lot of stress and get better healthcare outcomes as a result. There is no better example of this than saying their final goodbye. A cold, sterile table is the last place you’d want to say goodbye when you’re in such a devastating emotional state. With the Vets on Call app veterinary euthanasia at home in Melbourne and other areas can be arranged without an issue). Providing mobile pet euthanasia at home in Melbourne and other areas, this situation is no longer an issue.

Pet euthanasia is a hard topic to discuss. Whether at home or in a veterinary clinic, saying goodbye is going to be hard, and there is no way of making that go away Despite the location of having your pet’s final moments, the euthanasia at home or in a clinic is heartbreaking. But there is a way of making it easier, on you and your pet. With our at-home pet euthanasia service, you are in control of how you say goodbye. Your pet is a member of your family and deserves a peaceful goodbye surrounded by loved ones and their family.

Pets can read our body language incredibly well, this causes the ordeal to become much more complicated and stressful. From the moment we start the process of getting our pet into the car, their stress levels can rapidly rise just by simply reading our facial expressions, this can take an emotional toll on both you and the furry companion. Having this delicate process done in a familiar and comfortable setting will allow you both to have the strength to remain calm and focus on spending quality time with each other.

How do you want to remember your pet? The last goodbye is also our final memory of our beloved pet, hence it’s very important that it is handled with care, patience, and understanding. Our veterinarians fully understand the gravity of the situation and will proceed with the utmost care and understanding. They will come straight to you, fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and will be able to answer any of your questions for when the time comes, when you are ready. With Vets on Call, time is on your side.

Our in-home pet euthanasia service gives you control of deciding how the procedure will play out, which is an option that may not be available at a veterinary clinic. You can choose to have your pets favourite toys there to create a relaxing atmosphere, choose whether to have them lay in their bed at home or choose to give them personal space in the backyard. You will both have the privacy you both deserve to say goodbye.

To give your pet the kindest option for when the time comes, choose Vets on Call to ensure that both you and your pet are looked after by professionals that care. Download the Vets on Call app for Android and iPhone from our website and to learn more about our mobile pet euthanasia at home Melbourne and other areas. For a calming and loving goodbye that you and your pet both deserve, Vets on Call is here to help.

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