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Natural Solutions to a Smelly Problem

By vetsadmin | August 23, 2019

If you’ve owned pets for a while, then you will have more than likely had an experience with problems with your pet’s anal glands. For those of us that have experienced it, the smell is very unpleasant and makes for an unfortunate situation at best. For those of you that haven’t; then consider yourself lucky.

Whether you have or haven’t had to deal with anal gland issues, the following advice is still relevant for you.

All dogs have anal glands, which are small oval-shaped ‘sacks’ on the inside of their rectum. These sacks excrete a foul-smelling, greasy substance which was most likely a territorial marking tool from their pre-domestication days. These glands are designed to be emptied when your dog goes to the bathroom but problems can easily arise for a multitude of reasons, with one of those problems being their diet.

Many commercially available pet foods aren’t designed with health anal glands in mind and frequent use can create problems for your dog.

Dietary Causes:

  • Grains in diet: These can cause allergies and inflammation.
  • Singular Proteins: Feeding your pet only one or two types of protein (Beef, chicken etc) can lead to an allergic reaction.

Dietary Solutions:

  • Remove all grains from your pet’s diet
  • Change proteins regularly and vary as much as possible.
  • Add probiotics and digestive enzymes to their diet

Their diet is only one cause of problematic anal glands, as other causes can include an injury due to unnecessary manual expressing, poorly positioned anal glands and bacterial infections.

Before taking action to improve your pet’s problematic anal glands, it is imperative that you have them checked over by a vet. Remember that an examination of a pet’s anal glands is incredibly uncomfortable, so save them the added stress of going to a clinic by having one of our vets visit them at home. As your pet deserves better, our vets will deliver quality care in the comfort of their own home with no stress, no lost time and better healthcare outcomes.

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