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Pet care at home or at a clinic – which is best for your pet?

By vetsadmin | May 26, 2020

Our regular Vets on Call customers understand the benefits of having the vet come to their place, but at-home pet care can often be misunderstood and viewed as inferior to in-clinic care.  This is not the case.

We exist because we know that for both owners and pets alike, the best care is at home. When it comes to lowering pet stress and maximising pet comfort, veterinary treatment in your own home is the best way you can provide healthcare for your pet. We wanted to share with you three benefits that Vets on Call provide to you and your pet.



What our customers enjoy most about Vets on Call is getting their beloved pets the treatment they need without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. As they know for themselves that the best care is at home.

We pride ourselves on convenience, therefore you can schedule a visit from our vets whenever it suits you best. Appointments can be easily booked via our app, anytime between 6am and 11pm, so you aren’t confined to regular clinic hours. This saves you from having to pay any expensive out of hours vet clinic fees.


Standard of care


We guarantee that all of our vets provide the absolute gold standard in pet care. We have over 150 qualified vets who carry all the equipment and medication they need in order to give your pet the highest quality consultation and treatment.

In fact, 98% of the treatments performed at a clinic can be easily carried out at home. Therefore we offer a wide range of treatments, such as vaccinations, check-ups, ear, eye and skin conditions right through to home euthanasia.


Less disruption


Booking a vet visit to your home means you can avoid daunting waiting rooms and scary cages – reducing unnecessary stress on your pets. You can forget about having to round your pet up when it comes to vet visit time too, they will be calm and relaxed when the vet comes to your home, as they don’t have to be removed from the environment they are familiar with. Our customers really appreciate the easy and calm experience of having their pet being treated in a comfortable environment.

At-home veterinary care is beneficial in many ways, both for your pet and you, and we’d love for you to experience an easy and stress-free pet care consultation next time your pet needs treatment..

Book an appointment with us today – download the Vets on Call app, available on the Google Play and App Store. With a high standard of care and stress-free experience for your pet. The best care is at home.

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