Pet Plan Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions
Pet Plan Insurance

Pet Plan Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

By Sam Weeks | March 31, 2021

Insurance is a necessary part of being a pet owner. However, not everyone understands the benefits of being insured or what level of cover is right for their pet. Here at Vets on Call, we often get questions about pet plan insurance options and so we thought it would benefit our customers to put together a few frequently asked questions.

What does pet insurance cover?

Generally speaking, most insurance companies offer three levels of pet insurance — basic, standard, and comprehensive cover.


Sometimes referred to as ‘accident’ cover, a basic level of coverage will protect your pet against injuries resulting from accidents, such as a car crash or attack from another animal. 

Some insurance companies will also provide cover for basic illness. However, there will likely be a cap on the amount you can claim back.


Standard insurance will cover your pet against both accidents and illness. It will not provide protection against pre-existing conditions but it is a good option if your pet belongs to a breed that is particularly susceptible to getting sick. Dachshunds, for example, are prone to developing back issues and should be covered using a standard insurance policy.


Comprehensive insurance is the gold level of coverage and includes accidents, illness, and routine care. This can include vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, and dental treatment.

Comprehensive cover may be costly, however many pet owners believe it is certainly worth it. 

What age does my pet have to be to apply for pet insurance?

The figure varies from provider to provider but generally speaking, your pet must be at least eight weeks old before you can sign them up for insurance. 

Ideally, you should sign your pet up as soon as possible. Most insurance providers do not cover pre-existing conditions. The older your pet is, the more difficult it may become to find appropriate insurance.

Why should I get pet insurance?

Owning a pet can be expensive, and insurance may just seem like an extra added cost. However, insurance can actually save you money. At the very least, having insurance will provide peace of mind that you will be covered if landed with a large, unexpected vet bill.

There is nothing worse than finding out that your pet needs expensive, essential treatment that you have not budgeted for and cannot afford.

What is excess?

The excess is the amount of money you will pay if you make a claim on your insurance. Say, for example, that your dog requires dental surgery that costs $3,000. If this is covered under your insurance, you simply have to pay the excess and your insurer will cover the remaining cost. If your excess is $500, your insurer will pay the remaining $2,500.

What is premium?

Premium, on the other hand, is the amount that you regularly pay for insurance cover. Generally speaking, the lower your premium is, the higher your excess tends to be.

What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition is an illness or injury that your pet is already suffering from. Most pet insurance providers will not cover pre-existing conditions, which is why it is important to get your pet covered as soon as possible.

Is Vets on Call compatible with my insurance plan?

Yes! The services provided by Vets on Call are fully compatible with all pet plan insurance.

We recommend that you have all paperwork organised before the vet arrives so you can obtain all the necessary information and signatures.

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