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Get Gold Standard pet care - at home!

By vetsadmin | June 2, 2020

Many people believe that quality pet care is something you can only receive from a veterinary clinic. While there is no doubt that vet clinics do offer a high standard of care, it is not widely known that at-home vet visits can still provide you with an exceptional level of pet care and service.

Our regular Vets on Call customers have experienced first-hand the quality of care that we deliver and the many benefits both their pets and themselves receive. However, if you are a first time user, you may not be fully aware, as it is common to think at-home care must be inferior treatment – however, this is not the case.

From qualified vets to high standards, Vets on Call always offer the Gold Standard of at-home pet care.


Veterinary Qualification


All of our vets are fully qualified and can ensure the highest standard of care. With over 150 practising vets in Victoria, your pets will have access to quality treatment at home, no matter where you are based.

Once your appointment is booked, you’ll be able to tap into expert knowledge by messaging your vet via the app. You can even message your vet up to two weeks after your appointment if you have any follow up questions.

Our vets carry a range of the most commonly used medication and equipment to service the needs of your pet. Our qualified vets can provide you with the best care at home – however, in case of any pet emergency, you should immediately attend an emergency vet clinic.


The Gold Standard


Not only is our service extremely convenient, but we also provide a wide range of treatments.

98% of at-home vet visits do not require any further equipment or medication than what our vets carry with them on every home visit. From check-ups, vaccinations to euthanasia, and more, can all be done in the comfort of your own home.

In addition to this, treating your fur baby in an environment they are already comfortable in significantly reduces their stress and discomfort. High-quality care, paired with a relaxing experience for your pet – what more could you want.


Maintenance of pet records


Just because a vet is coming to your home, doesn’t mean our service loses professionalism.

By downloading our Vets on Call app, you’re able to not only book and manage your pet’s vet appointments, but also easily create, store and manage detailed health records. This provides you with easy access to your pet’s health history within the tap of a button.

Access to this information means our vets have accurate insight into your pet’s history, past conditions, and allergies, ensuring prompt and precise treatment to return your pet to health in no time.

At Vets on Call, we understand how at-home veterinary care can provide a higher quality of care than in-clinic care. We believe it’s a combination of the added convenience to pet owners and lower levels of stress for pets, that allow your pet to enjoy the seamless experience our services offer.

Our qualified vets and gold standard of pet treatment ensure the best care is at home.

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