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Simple Tips for Oral Health Care in Pets

By vetsadmin | January 31, 2019

Your pet’s oral health has a huge impact on their well being.Unfortunately, dental diseases have become a common health problem for dogs and cats. Whilst there is multiple ways to treat dental disease early prevention is always the best course of action.

As veterinarians we will catergorise dental disease by classifying them into one of four stages.

Stage 1:Is the initial onset of dental disease. This stage is characterised by a small build-up of tartar or plaque which is caused by the accumulation of bacteria, saliva,and food particles.

Stage 2: Is when the symptoms presented in Stage 1 have been left untreated and as a result the condition is now affecting the gums. It is the beginning of gingivitis (inflammation of the gumline). Although it may look harmless it is during this stage that your pet will begin to feel some minor discomfort. The good news is, that despite the advancement of the condition it remains completely reversible with the appropriate treatment.

Stage 3 and Stage 4:However, is severe as it can cause multiple physical and behavioral issues and require anesthetic to clean the teeth using an ultrasonic-scaler, by hand and most likely extractions of some of their teeth.Ultrasonic dental scalers cleans your pet’s teeth by removing the plaque leading to gingivitis  and gives it a smooth finish making it hard for future plaque to accumulate. Here are some tips to prevent your pet from dental diseases.

Brushing your pet’s teeth

Similar to us the gold standard of dental care is brushing teeth. When brushing your pet’s teeth, it is important to use a soft toothbrush and ensure that animal specific toothpaste is used. When brushing its important to go in slow circles and slow, soft brushing along the gum lines. If your pet is middle aged and is new to cleaning its teeth using a soft brush rewarding with treats is recommended. Thereby making it a positive experience for your pet. It is also advisable to consult your vet and become aware of the best ways to introduce brushing into your pet’s routine.

Dental diets

Dental diets contain essential nutrients and provide numerous benefits to keep your animal’s teeth healthy. Because dental diets are designed to keep your pet’s teeth clean while providing them with a balanced diet. The special fiber matrix ingredient in the dental biscuit aids to breakdown plaques. In addition to that dental diets also encourage and stimulate chewing. The mechanical action created by chewing provides a gentle abrasive on the teeth and helps to breakdown the bacteria that makeup plaque.

Dental toys

Dental toys can be given to dogs of any age. As dogs chew dental toys provides oral hygiene from plaques, tartar and periodontal diseases can be prevented. Chew toys provide numerous benefits. By chewing dental chew toys, the formation of plaque is destroyed. Dogs frequently using dental chew toys often have brighter smiles and whiter teeth.

Oral health care is vital. To ensure your pets, oral health is in check, and the worst doesn’t happen please pay attention to the above mentioned critical points. If your pet is suffering from a dental problem, download the Vets on Call app and have an experienced mobile vet come straight to your door. Visit the website for all the information you need and to download the app.



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