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The Benefits Of A Mobile Vet In The Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

By vetsadmin | December 13, 2018

Mobile Vet Services in Melbourne Eastern, Western, Northern & Southern Suburbs

We all know about the difficulties we face when taking our beloved pet for a check-up to the vet. Whether it’s wrestling them into the car or trying our best to calm them down in the waiting room, the process comes with its fair share of challenges. If you think that a mobile vet in the Melbourne eastern suburbs that comes to you would be a much better option, then Vets on Call is the mobile app for you. But what are the benefits of using our service?

No More Stress

By having the vet come to you, there is no need to wrestle your pet into the car or feeling anxious in the waiting room of the veterinary clinic. Vets on Call understands that vets aren’t scary, but the process of seeing the vet is scary for our pets. By having your pet feel comfortable in their own territory, they are much more at ease, resulting in the pain and stress of a visit to the vet becoming a thing of the past.

More Convenience

There is no more waiting, as you can arrange a visit from the vet exactly when you need them. With a list of over 150 professional and registered veterinarians throughout Melbourne, our vets can come to you right when you need them the most. Whether it’s for consultations, vaccinations, general check-ups or more, our vets can provide in-home expert healthcare services for your pet with just the click of a button.

Total Health Management

Our Vets on Call mobile app provides complete access to the health records of your pet 24/7in the palm of your hand. When a vet is sent out, they will have access to your pet’s health records to know exactly what the current situation is, and of the previous medical history. All our vets carry a special pack containing all the equipment and medication they will need, so your pet’s health is always the main focus.

If you’re looking for a mobile vet in the Melbourne western suburbs, or anywhere else in Melbourne, then download the Vets on Call mobile app and experience the difference today. With Vets on Call, professional pet healthcare is right at your fingertips. Visit our website for more information and to download the app.

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