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Pet Plan Insurance

Things You Need To Know About Pet Insurance

By Sam Weeks | April 28, 2021

Pet insurance is a fantastic safety net if you have a beloved pet and want to make sure you can give them the best care at all times. Here are some things to bear in mind when you are considering getting pet insurance

Get it when your pet is young

This is simply because when your pet is younger insurers deem your pet to be less likely to have pre-existing conditions and will keep your premiums low. When you insure when your pet is older your premiums will be higher, but that still doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth it. Just be aware that it is more cost-effective to insure when your furry friend is over 3-6 months old.  

Shop around when deciding what plans to get

This is an obvious fact but it is an important facet of deciding what insurer to go with. The reason for this is if you decide to shop around after you’ve been with the one insurer for a while it can actually be more expensive for you to switch pet plans. This is because you are arranging cover when your pet is older than when you originally insured them. If you feel it is worth it to switch then go for it, just be aware it may be more costly. But when you are at the start of shopping around it’s worth being thorough and making sure you are getting the best deal. Also, ask fellow pet owners what insurers they are with and if they are happy with their plan. 

Check your vet will take your insurance

Now that you have found the right insurance for yourself and your furry friends you will need to make sure that your preferred vet will take your insurance. It is usually the case that they will, it’s just a great idea to double-check. Some vet providers let you know from the outset that they take all providers of vet insurance. This is the case with us at Vets on Call. We accept all forms of pet insurance to ensure your furry friend is in tip-top shape!  But if you aren’t sure, best to double-check and be sure!

Did you know you can get add ons for common care?

There are add ons that you can get with your insurance that covers your pet’s vaccinations and other common treatments. They can be expensive but if you use these regularly for your pets needs they are actually worth it. You just have to make sure to claim them. 

Get to know what your exclusions are in your policy

When you decide on a policy make sure you familiarise yourself with any exclusions that may occur. It’s handy knowledge to find out beforehand as you don’t want to find out when you are trying to claim.

It’s a great idea to get pet plan insurance for peace of mind and it’s even better when mobile vets such as us here at Vet’s on Call accept all insurance providers. You can rest easy that when you need care for your furry friends, it’s always there!

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