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What is Vets on Call's Mobile Vet Service All About?

By vetsadmin | February 22, 2018

A New Kind of Vet – Mobile Vet in Melbourne

Have you ever found yourself struggling to get your pet into the car for a vet appointment? Or trying and failing to calm your stressed-out pet as you sit helplessly in the waiting room of your local clinic? We have, and that’s why we created our mobile vet service in Melbourne. Vets on Call was borne out of our own need and desire for convenient, stress-free and transparent pet care.

Our founder and CEO, Morgan Coleman, is a self-confessed animal lover and will readily tell you that his three-year-old Lab x Staffy, Milky, is his very hairy daughter.

After an anxiety-ridden trip to the vet, he decided to create a service that would help pet owners fit their veterinary needs around their busy schedules, eliminating the stress he and Milky felt that day and to provide some much-needed transparency around the costs of veterinary services.

Pets are Family

Our CEO Morgan is not alone; over 63% of Australians own a dog or a cat, with the vast majority of these pet owners considering their pet to be a member of the family.

Despite this statistic, leaving work to take your dog to the vet might get you some very strange looks from your boss, that is, if they let you leave at all.

At Vets on Call, we believe it shouldn’t be this way. Your pet’s health shouldn’t suffer because of the demands of the rest of your life. It should be easy, affordable and convenient to acquire quality veterinary care for your little fur baby.

After a lot of research and consultation with pet owners and vets across the country, we created the Vets on Call app, an easy-to-use mobile application that connects pet owners with freelance mobile vets that will come and deliver the service in the comfort of your own home.

No more time-draining trips to the vet, no more anxiety-ridden waits and certainly no more unexpected bills.

All You Ever Need

We wanted the Vets on Call app to be all your pet’s needs in the palm of your hand. We’ve designed it to be exactly that as our vets carry a pack of medications and equipment to be able to provide immediate relief to your pet. We have an extensive network of vet clinics that provide diagnostic services for our patients if they need, and we even have an in-app store for all your pet’s general needs. Everything is delivered to your door, which makes it incredibly easy to look after your pet’s needs without even leaving the comfort of your couch. Well, except to let the vet in, that is!

The Vets on Call Principles

We have created the Vets on Call service around three key principles:


It should never feel like a hassle to have your pet’s health care needs attended to, nor should they ever be postponed because of other commitments.


From your pet’s health records to what you pay and when you pay it, you should always have complete transparency of your pet’s veterinary care and feel in control of your experience.


The stress and anxiety felt by both pets and owners should be a thing of the past.

Find Out More!

Ultimately the best thing you can do for your pet’s health is to be prepared! For more information about our amazing vet service in Brunswick, Fitzroy, Richmond, Bundoora and across Melbourne, pre-register for the Vets on Call app today!

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