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Vets on Call - A Voice in Parliament

By vetsadmin | October 24, 2018

Rapid change and progress have become the norm at Vets on Call, almost expected by our executive and leadership teams. In its first 90 days of launch our humble tech start-up has evolved its offering to cover not only the originally planned Melbourne metro areas as covered by train line services, but pushed out to new markets in the Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo as the business responds to customer demand for our services. This fast-paced expansion is set to see the business soon offer coverage across Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane as well as other locations in Victoria. Whilst we are buoyed at the ability to offer convenient, stress-free and transparent pet care to more and more Australians, that isn’t the sole reason for recent celebrations.

Cause for recent celebration was that our Founder & CEO Morgan Coleman was recently appointed to the Small Business Ministerial Council. He along with a select group of Victorian business owners will be advising and providing feedback and insights to the Minister for Small Business, the honourable Philip Dalinakis.

For a company that is only a few months old we feel an immense sense of pride, achievement, and accomplishment. We feel this appointment validates just how exciting and ground-breaking our model is, and the value we are offering to pet owners and veterinarians alike. The appointment has been a humbling moment for our team to receive acknowledgement of our business and our leadership team from the Victorian Government. We work hard at Vets on Call to build not only accessible vet and pet care services for our incredibly valued customer base, but also place enormous significance on our team culture and working environment. As a company we have worked as a unit to accomplish what we have so far and to receive the confidence of the Government of Victoria who see the value we bring to the industry and the broader Victorian Economy is something we are still pinching ourselves about.

Vets on Call was started because our Founder, Morgan had a clear and defined goal. He wanted to improve the experience of services for pets, increase the accessibility to our high standard of care and do it all from the comfort of your own home. Our entire team shares his vision for a world where pets never have to experience the fear and anxiety of vet visits ever again or where they miss out on vital health care due to the time pressures on owners. Where diagnosis’s can be informed by environmental factors leading to better outcomes because consults are completed within the home.

The appointment is one we are all incredibly proud of, matched by watching our vision become a reality as more pet owners realise that having a vet come to them does not mean a compromise on the quality of care their pet receives and we’ve taken the time to ensure we’ve developed the infrastructure and equipped our vets to meet the needs of these pets and their owners.

We’re a pet service, created by pet owners and now we’ve got a voice to Parliament so that we can build better outcomes for Victoria’s animals and businesses.

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