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What about medication and specialised treatment?

By vetsadmin | May 5, 2020

We reached out to our fellow community of pet lovers and owners to understand how we could help make their life easier when caring for their pets. After working through all the responses, we’ve put together a video series that answers the top 5 most asked questions. In today’s video, we’ll answer your questions around medications and specialised treatment. 

This is one that comes up often when we chat with our frequent Vets on Call users – some have pets who are a little bit older and require medication, or have conditions that need specialised treatment. If one of our vets visits you and decides your fur baby does need some medication or specialised treatment, our vets will be able to take care of everything.


What if my pet requires medication or specialised treatment?

All of our vets carry medication and equipment to be able to treat your pet on the spot. If there’s something we don’t have in stock, our vets will prescribe medication through our Vets on Call app, which is then sent directly to your home.

If your pet requires any further diagnostics or treatment, such as x-ray or surgery, our vet will refer you to one of our nearest Partner Clinics – and don’t worry, you won’t have to pay any additional consultation fees. Once the treatments are completed, the clinic will upload your pets health care records to the app for you to access.



Our Vets on Call vets are fully stocked and prepared to treat your pet at home, whatever the issue may be. If a clinic is needed, our vets will know exactly how to get them the treatment they need.

At Vets on Call, we aim to provide the best in-home healthcare service for your pet. With over 150 qualified veterinarians across Victoria, download the Vets on Call mobile app from Google Play or the App Store today. Get the healthcare that your pet deserves within the comfort of your own home, because we know the best care is at home.

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