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What about my pet's history?

By vetsadmin | April 22, 2020

We reached out to our fellow community of pet lovers and owners to understand how we could help make their life easier when caring for their pets. After working through all the responses, we’ve put together a video series that answers the top 5 most asked questions. In today’s video, we’ll see your question about your pet’s health care records answered by our qualified Vets on Call vets.

Knowing the entirety of your pet’s medical history isn’t easy for pet owners, but it is extremely important for determining the type of treatment and healthcare your pet may need moving forward. It is crucial to have instant access to this information during various situations in life, such as moving into a new location, changing vets, or when adopting a new pet from a shelter.

When meeting with a vet, it’s easy for you to share the current issue your pet is having with them, but would you remember any underlying/previous issues that need to be taken into account? Has your pet had a negative reaction to any specific medications before?

It’s clear that this information is important, but we know it’s not easy to remember it all the time. It’s best to have a system that manages this for you. Within the Vets on Call app, we keep all the health records of your pet on file so both you and the vet can instantly access this information at any time.


How do I manage my pet’s health care information?

Our Vets on Call mobile app enables you to create and store detailed records regarding the medical history of your pet. This allows our team of vets to find out all the health information they need to provide the highest level of care for your pet.

Don’t know where to start? Our video will explain how you can obtain the medical history of your pet and how to store it into the Vets on Call app.


Having your pet’s medical history ready for when our vets visit your home makes it easier for us to properly assess your pet and have them acting like their normal selves again.

With over 150 qualified veterinarians across Victoria, download the Vets on Call mobile app from Google Play or the App Store today. Get the healthcare that your pet deserves within the comfort of your own home, because we know the best care is at home.

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