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What do mobile vets carry with them?

By vetsadmin | June 10, 2020

We often hear from our Vets on Call customers how assured they are when our vets have all the medication and equipment needed to treat their pet at home. We make sure vets have everything they need, so they can provide you with the same level of quality care you’d get from a clinic.

People often believe that gold-standard pet care can only be received in a clinic. However, the best quality of care is actually delivered in the home, where your pet is more comfortable and relaxed.

Our qualified vets carry all the necessary equipment and medication they need to ensure your pet receives the best treatment. Here we uncover exactly how they do that.


All medication ready to prescribe


Our vets carry the most commonly used medication to every consultation. They are well-stocked so that if our vets prescribe your four-legged friend any medication, you’ll receive it right away with no further hassle, just as you would in a clinic.

In the rare case that your pet needs specialised medication that our vets don’t carry, they can easily prescribe the medication through the app – all you need to do is confirm the order and you’ll have it delivered straight to your door the following business day.


No additional equipment needed


One thing you might wonder is how vets perform at-home visits without the extensive equipment you might see in a clinic. 98% of all vet visits don’t require any specialised diagnostics or treatment beyond what we can provide in the home. Vets on Call has worked hard to ensure that we can provide for all your pets needs without you ever having to leave your home..

Whether Fido needs a simple check-up, a vaccination, or wound care, our vets are well equipped and you can rest assured that he’ll be well taken care of in the comfort of your home.

Our qualified vets have everything they need to provide you with the best care at home. However, in the case of any medical emergencies, you should immediately visit your nearest emergency vet clinic.

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