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What Happens After The Consultation?

By vetsadmin | May 19, 2020

We reached out to our fellow community of pet lovers and owners to understand how we could help make their life easier when caring for their pets. After working through all the responses, we’ve put together a video series that answers the top 5 most asked questions. In today’s video, we’ll answer your questions regarding what will happen after your consultation. 

And finally, one of the most asked questions we hear when speaking with our Vets on Call users is regarding what will happen after their consultation has finished. Will you be able to see all the details of the consultation? And what happens if you need to contact the vet after your appointment? To ensure you are fully informed, we’ll answer your question below:


What happens after my consultation?


At Vets on Call, we strive to provide the best healthcare experience for your pet. This is why at the end of your consultation, you will be given the option to rate your experience and help us improve our services by providing valuable feedback.

You can schedule a follow-up appointment at a reduced rate for the following two weeks after your consultation, depending on your pet’s healthcare needs. But what if your pet suffers from a certain health condition? You can contact your vet through the Vets on Call app for advice such as what signs, symptoms or changes to look out for and what to do should any arise.

Here is everything you need to know about what will happen after your consultation:

The entire process of having a mobile vet come to your home, from booking the appointment to after the consultation, is a completely stress-free experience when you use the Vets on Call app.

At Vets on Call, we aim to provide the best in-home healthcare service for your pet. With over 150 qualified veterinarians across Victoria, download the Vets on Call mobile app from Google Play or the App Store today. Get the healthcare that your pet deserves within the comfort of your own home, because we know the best care is at home.

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