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What To Expect When Arranging A Mobile Visit To Your Home

By Sam Weeks | June 10, 2021

Here at Vet’s on Call, we love what we do. We love meeting new furry clients and their owners as well! Many people ask us ‘How does a mobile vet consultation actually work? What do I have to do?’ We sat down with our Head Vet Magda to discuss the topic, and answer this important question.  

How do I arrange a mobile vet visit?

Simply jump on to our website, give us a call on 1300 101 434 or download our app from your relevant mobile app store. Then register your pet’s details. This is so we can get started to build a medical background for your best friend and also gather some basic facts on your pet’s age and weight. Don’t forget to register yourself as well. Details such as your address are very important when it’s a mobile vet visit! Once you’ve registered your details you do not have to enter them again, unless there is a change of address. It really is that easy!

Then you choose the best time and day that works for you. Your chosen vet will arrive at that time for the consultation.

What do I have to do when I have a mobile vet visit?

If you can, ensure there is a cleared area for the vet consultation, ideally space on a table for smaller pets. This is so the consultation of your furry friend can be carried out quickly and easily and your pet can get back to what they do best! As it’s in your own home your pet might be a bit more relaxed and compliant. In fact, on average most pet’s heart rates are lower with at-home consultations than in a clinical setting. 

Make sure you and your pet are home for the appointment time (especially cats!). Keep an eye on those pets who have a tendency to quickly hide when they sense that someone is coming over. Pet’s are very observant and will notice if there is anything different from your usual routine. If your pet is like this, extra attention will help to get the consult started smoothly. 

If your pet is anxious, consider having towels at hand in case they toilet. If your pet gets very anxious around newcomers, this is a great idea. Sometimes they can also have accidents when they are very relaxed or excited. 

If you require pet insurance forms to be signed by your vet, please have these ready. You can request vet notes for insurance claims at any time from Vets on Call. We will happily help you with all your pet insurance needs. We accept all insurance providers, so you can relax and focus on your pet.  

If your pet is anxious and they have been prescribed sedatives, please administer this 1 hour before your appointment so that they have time to take effect. We understand that your beloved pet may get upset during consultations, so medications are required. We just ask that the medication is given time to take effect so the appointment can proceed with minimal distress to your furry friend and to yourself. 

Here at Vets on Call, our aim is to make the process as easy as possible for your pet and yourself. We believe that at-home care is the best care for everyone! 

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