Fleas, sore bits, upset tummy - whatever it may be, our vets have got it covered. - Vets on Call
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Fleas, sore bits, upset tummy - whatever it may be, our vets have got it covered.

By vetsadmin | June 16, 2020

Did you know that 98% of all vet visits can easily and successfully be carried out at home? That’s why Vets on Call was formed to make stressful and time consuming trips to a vet clinic a thing of the past. From an extensive list of medication, a greater choice of consultation time slots, and the capability to test a wide variety of health concerns, we can assure you that the best care really is at home. Here we uncover why you can say goodbye to a clinic.


Equipment and medication


All but few treatments can be carried out in your home. All of our qualified veterinarians carry with them everything they need in order to diagnose and treat your furry little darlings. Our vets keep all commonly prescribed medication on hand, ensuring that you will get a supply for your pet as soon as they need it. However they need something a little less common our vets can prescribe medication through our Vets on Call app from our fully-stocked pharmacy and have it at your front door on the very next business day.


What about tests?


We mean it when we say 98% of all vet visits do not require any further tests or treatment that we’re unable to complete in home. This even includes tests that are often performed in the clinic – they can easily be performed at home. Seeing a vet has never been this easy.

We can carry out everything from vaccinations, to treating eye conditions, ear infections, upset stomachs, and even euthanasia. In the odd case that we can’t perform the treatment at your home; we will complete the treatment and one of our nearby partner clinics- ensuring the process is a seamless experience for you and your pet.


After hours consultations


Not only do we provide the very best treatment for your pet, but we also allow greater flexibility and accessibility than a traditional clinic. We have over 150 qualified vets across Victoria that can work around your schedule. You can easily book an appointment any time that suits you between 6am to 11pm 7 days a week.

Better yet, scheduling a visit between these times doesn’t cost you a fortune. In a clinic, you can often be charged with excessive after-hours fees. However, at Vets on Call, we understand that caring for your pet doesn’t always fit within  the typical 9-to-5 timeframe. That’s why you can book an appointment at your convenience, without getting penalised for it.

With access to all the medication, equipment and tests your pet may need, there is no doubt the best care is at home with Vets on Call.

Book an appointment with us today – download the Vets on Call app, available on the Google Play and App Store.

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