What You Should Look for a Vet in Melbourne East
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What You Should Look for a Vet in Melbourne East

By Sam Weeks | March 30, 2021

Finding the right Richmond vet clinic for your pet can be difficult. Domestic animals such as cats and dogs are notoriously vet-shy and may become very anxious and upset when they realise they are being examined. This tends to make it very difficult for the vet to accurately diagnose and treat your pet.

When searching for a Richmond vet, there are a range of personal and professional traits that you should keep in mind. These are also the attributes that we value in our team here at Vets on Call. You can be sure that any vet you book through our app has the health and wellbeing of your pet at the top of their priority list. 

Communication skills

As is the case with any type of healthcare professional, a vet needs excellent communication skills. Firstly, your vet must demonstrate the ability to listen actively. After all, you know your pet best and your vet should be open to hearing any concerns that you have about its health and wellbeing.

A good vet must also possess the ability to explain technical concepts without relying on jargon and medical terms. It’s important that you understand what is wrong with your pet, so that you can be an active part of their recovery. 

Finally — and arguably, most importantly — a vet needs to be able to communicate with animals. Paying attention to their body language and speaking with them in a calm, engaging manner can help relax a pet, which assists the vet make an accurate diagnosis. 


Being a pet owner can be stressful and emotional, particularly when your four-legged friend is sick. A vet who acts with empathy and compassion can make a significant difference to your own state of mind, as well as that of your pet.

This is particularly important when dealing with aging or terminally ill pets. In these types of situations, euthanasia is often the most compassionate option but it can be difficult for pet owners to come to terms with the loss of their companion. 

In this situation, an empathetic vet will take time to talk you through all of your available options, while also explaining what would be best from your pet’s perspective. 

Decision-making ability

Your pet’s health and happiness are in the hands of your vet and so it is important that you have absolute confidence in their judgement and decision making ability. 

This starts with them having an excellent knowledge base from which they can establish an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. In particularly complex cases, it’s not uncommon for a vet to seek a second opinion but they should be able to diagnose relatively common issues with confidence and ease.

A good vet also possesses the ability to make decisions quickly, meaning that your pet is on the road to recovery as soon as possible.


It takes quite a few tools to diagnose and treat an animal. Your vet — whether they make house calls or operate out of a traditional clinic — needs to have everything they need on hand.

This includes common tools such as a speculum, stethoscope, nail trimmers, and ear syringes, and more specialised equipment like an ultrasound machine (which can be portable).

In the case of mobile vets — like the professionals at Vets on Call — it is not always possible to perform advanced operations in your living room. Vets on Call works closely with local partner clinics to provide services such as x-rays or complex surgery. There is no interruption in services to you, and all communication will be delivered from Vets on Call. We even arrange transport for your pet to travel to our partner clinic.

A house-call vet should also carry with them the types of medication that are required to treat the most common illnesses, and have a system in place where they can have other forms of prescription medication delivered. 

Here at Vets on Call, we value the health and happiness of your pet. Our team of highly trained vets in Brunswick will go above and beyond to ensure that your four-legged friend is receiving timely and appropriate treatment. Visit our website, download our app and book an appointment today to see for yourself! 

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