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There may be instances where our vets need to take a swab or sample of some kind from your pet and look at it under a microscope. This is called cytology and we’ve invested heavily in technology advancements that allow our vets to look at samples at 1000x magnification without having to carry bulky microscopes. This way our vets have access to better magnification for diagnostic procedures without having to break their back with their equipment.

Any lump can have a needle inserted and, in many cases, but not all cases this minimally invasive technique can yield a diagnosis without the need for an anaesthetic or biopsy. Cytology is the process by which Our Melbourne vets will look at material under a microscope usually obtained from a needle, sticky tape or urine sample and determine what that material is. Cytology is usually quick and results are usually obtained within minutes or up to 48 hours if the material needs to be sent to a laboratory for further investigation.

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