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The three most common reasons for a visit from the vet are typically something to do with your pet’s ears, eyes or skin. There is a vast array of conditions that your pet could acquire with these areas of their body and may need a number of diagnostic tests completed to properly determine what is the cause before creating a treatment plan. Vets on Call ensure that all their mobile vets have all the diagnostic equipment as well as medications on hand to make sure your pet is getting the best and most appropriate treatment without them having the stress of a trip to the clinic.

There are many conditions that may occur with these areas of the body and rather than list them all here we thought we’d touch on some of the more common conditions that may present themselves.

Dog Ear Infection Treatment
Eye, Ear and Skin Care Services

Ear & Skin Conditions in Pets

We’ve put these together because the Ear and Skin are closely related given that the lining of the ear is a continuation of the skin of your pet.

  • Atopy Conditions: These are conditions caused by something in the environment or that your pet is coming into contact with which usually results in an allergy. Allergies that cause a reaction of the skin can actual create an ear infection also due to their linked nature.
  • Yeast Infections: Commonly cause ear infections but can be present on the skin as well.
  • Bacterial and Fungal Infection: The ear is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. These can be already present in the ear and for numerous reasons grow to an unhealthy population or can be introduced to the ear via a contaminant such as dirty water. Treatment will depend on the bacteria or fungi present.
  • Reoccurring Issue: In the case of an ear condition that reoccurs, it would suggest that there is an underlying issue such as a foreign body, growth, undiagnosed allergy. To be certain of the cause a thorough investigation of inside the ear is required.
  • Hotspots: Usually on the skin these are triggered by trauma or excessive moisture to the skin.

Eye Conditions

  • Trauma: This is when the surface of the eye sustained some sort of trauma. Could be a scratch from another dog your dog was playing with or a stick that has scratched your cat’s eye or it could be a grass seed that has embedded itself between the eye and the eyelid.
  • Optical Disease: Can range from ulcers, glaucoma, dry eye, sudden blindness and cataracts. Whilst these are very varied conditions they may have very similar early stage symptoms. It makes it that much more important to diagnose accurately so that the treatment plan is accurate for the condition being experienced as incorrect treatment can have disastrous consequences.

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