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Routine health care is critical to your pet’s well-being, longevity and all-round happiness. All of our consultations include a routine health check where our vet’s will do a nose to tail check of your pet. We’ll be looking at everything from eye health, joint mobility, abdominal health which includes liver, kidney and bladder function as well as spinal health and heart and lung functionality. Our aim with this is to identify any health concerns and treat them early before they become a more severe, more troubling problem for your pet.

Even if you don’t feel that there is anything wrong with your pet it is always better to be safe than sorry. Just remember that you see your pet every day and the slight changes that may be occurring in their physiology you may not be able to pick up on. By booking a yearly health check or half yearly for older pets our vets see them during a snapshot of time. It makes comparing their physical state easier given the extended time between visits. This is important because the subtle changes in their physiology can be early signs of more serious conditions that could be far more problematic and expensive to treat if left unattended. It could be something as simple as a slight increase or decrease in weight, increased water consumption or a minor increase in joint stiffness. We care about your pet and we care about you that’s why we recommend regular check-ups to make sure that health concerns aren’t going unnoticed.

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