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Dental health can have a huge influence on your pet’s well-being and health. Discomfort in their mouth can cause significant pain and affect everything from appetite to mood. Our vets will complete a pet dental check during consults and advise whether they need a scale clean or teeth removal which we will perform at one of our Gold Class clinics.

Unfortunately, dental disease often goes unchecked, it is difficult in many instances for an owner to notice issues with dental hygiene. If it’s been a while since your pet has been to the vet dental disease may have gone unnoticed and be a serious problem that may need an anaesthetic to properly be examined and quite possibly they may need teeth removed. This is not ideal as there is always a risk of anaesthetic, this risk increases with the age of the pet. As with all things health care prevention is much better than a treatment or cure. Our Mobile vets will be able to explain to you how dental disease works and equip you with the necessary techniques and measures in order to prevent risky, expensive procedures in the future.

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