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At Vets on Call we would much prefer to be a part of the prevention than the cure.

We've designed our Basic Protection Plan to support pets.

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Basic Protection Plan

Almost all pet owners know that they need to be treating their pets for flea, worms and in some cases ticks on a monthly basis but so many of us forget to regularly treat their pet to protect them from these little critters. The reality is that regular, monthly treatment is imperative for protecting your pet from these parasitic organisms and the damage they do directly and indirectly to your pet’s health. With the Vets on Call Pet Protection Plan one of our vets will tailor a parasite treatment plan for your pet based on their species, weight and location of their home. For less than $0.54 a day Vets on Call will do the following:

  • Custom your pets parasite prevention plan based on their weight, location and species
  • Send your pet’s Flea, Worming & Tick protection
  • Delivery on the 1st day of every month so you never forget
  • Starting at $12.50' per month you can rest easy knowing your pet is always protected
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Why Vets on Call?

The best care is at home. That's why Vets on Call has built an easy to use mobile app that delivers local veterinarians right to your door. Our vets have all the medication and equipment they'll need to diagnose and treat your pet without having the stress of going to a clinic.

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