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A critical part of maintaining your pet’s health and wellbeing is the administration of vaccines. A vaccine works by exposing the body's immune system to a particular modified infectious agent. This causes the white blood cells to react to fight the foreign disease with it’s antibodies (your pet’s body’s little soldiers) which are able to bind to and kill the disease agents. Antibodies along with lymphocytes which are also in the white blood cells work together to identify and kill cells in the body that may have been infected with the disease. After your pet’s body is exposed to the disease agent through the vaccine their body remembers the particular antigens of the disease. If your pet ever comes into contact with them again the body immediately recognises them and springs into action to neutralise them as quickly as possible. It is also important to realise that most vaccines work by preventing your cat from becoming ill and may not prevent it from becoming infected. There is a difference and a vaccinated cat can become infected with cat flu and pass it onto other unvaccinated cats all without getting sick themselves.

Pet Vaccinations
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When we vaccinate your pet we will do so depending on their age, species and location of residence. We’ve put together a little more information about how to understand each vaccination that your pet will require at different points in their life.

  • Dog: C5. C stands for canine, 5 stands for the 5 things we are vaccinating against. Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo(C3), Parainfluenza, Bordetella(Canine Cough)
  • Optional Extras: Leptospirosis
  • Cat: F3 F stands for Feline, 3 stands for the 3 diseases we’re vaccinating against. Feline parvo, calicivirus, feline herpes.
  • Optional extras FIV (Feline Aids), FELV (Feline Leukeamia), Clamydia,

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