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As unpleasant as it sounds sometimes the only way for our vets to determine exactly what is happening with your pet and formulate the best treatment plan is to run a lab analysis of a urine or stool sample. Sometimes it’s easy for an owner to collect the samples themselves but other times it may need the assistance of the vet who could draw a sample straight from the pet’s bladder. It is a critical element of veterinary care and Vets on Call has worked hard to establish the infrastructure that we need to provide these tests to our clients and ensure that we get the whole picture when treating your pet.

Vets on Call is able to perform a urine dipstick analysis at your home which tells us the urine pH, if there is protein, glucose, blood, white blood cells or ketones issue the pH of your pet’s urine will let us know this. This all yields very useful information as to what may be going on and if we’re unable to diagnose through tests we’re able to do in the home, just like a clinic we will send off the sample to a laboratory for further investigation, pick up the results and formulate a treatment plan from there.

Urine and Faecal Analysis Services

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