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Pathology is a medical specialty that uses the analysis of body tissue and or bodily fluids. Examples of tissue samples we may collect are skin cells from a lump or mass and even parts of or whole organs such as the large intestine (we'll do that in surgery, not in your home!). Some examples of bolify fluid we may need to analyse are blood, urine, joint fluid and pleural fluid (fluid that assists with breathing) as well as many others.

Pathology is an integral part of veterinary medicine and Vets on Call has worked hard to ensure that we can provide these diagnostic services to our clients without them having to leave the comfortable and stress free environment of their home.

Vet Pathology
Pathology Services

Samples are taken within the home consultation (except for collections where surgery is required) and just like a typical clinic results are received back from the lab within 24 hours.

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